Work & Performance Center

The Work and Performance Center of Shreveport Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is a licensed WorkSTEPS provider and a certified XRTS provider.  Employers utilizing WorkSTEPS in their comprehensive prevention and work injury management programming are experiencing average work injury reductions of 50% during the first year of implementation with continued reductions in the second and third years. This will result in reduced modifier rates, reductions in lost time, increased worker productivity, and decreased turnover. The WorkSTEPS program includes the following services:

  • Pre Offer Testing
  • Post Offer Testing
  • Fit for Duty Testing
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Job Analysis
  • Ergonomic Analysis

The Work and Performance Center also provides comprehensive rehabilitation to individuals injured on the job.  We believe your employees are the true ‘professional athlete’ and their injuries require the same attention and care afforded to the most elite athletes.   Each patient receives skilled, personalized care using the latest evidence based tools and techniques to help them return to work as soon as possible.

At The Work and Performance Center our FCE’s use the Cross Reference Testing System (X-RTS) which measures validity of effort more accurately than any other FCE program. The XRTS takes the subjectivity out of the functional capacity evaluation.

From pre-employment screening, to work injury rehabilitation, to FCE’s, at The Work and Performance Center we can take care of all your occupational medicine needs.  For more information, contact Corey Arcement, PT, DPT, OCS at 318-344-7550.